Law Firm Research

Quote of the Day:

"In June 1970, a big earth-moving machine got stuck in
the mud. It sank… and it cost much money to get it out.
Who is to pay the cost?”

Lord Denning, British Crane v Ipswich

The Challenge


So you’ve had solid grades throughout your school life. You also have stellar extra-curricular achievements. But so does the next applicant. And the next. Unfortunately, each year the competition just gets stiffer. Like you, we sent our applications in and waited for law firms to reply. And waited. And waited.


Sick and tired of hit and miss applications, we decided to come up with a foolproof way to catch the attention of recruiters.


Analysing the 40 rounds of interviews, assessments, and partner interviews we went through, we came to the following conclusion. Only one thing consistently impresses the interviewers.


In depth knowledge of the firm.


Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from the firms themselves.

“It’s impressive when an applicant already has an idea of the type of work the department does and the deals it’s working on.”

Christina Churchman, Graduate Manager, White & Case

“I’m looking for someone thoughtful who has done their research and understands our firm … It’s good to pick out a deal we’ve worked on which interests you … a student really impresses by drilling down and saying what people have been working on.”

Will Pearce, Partner, Davis Polk

Secure your TC with ease.


Every facet of the application process, involves four main questions. Be it online TC application form, cover letter, or interview, you’ll see these four questions coming up again and again. If you do your research well, answering them will be a breeze.


The results confirmed our hypothesis. Thanks to the research framework we developed, we were consistently invited by law firms to proceed to the next stage of the application process.


An impressive application needs about 4 solid days of research and at least three rounds of vetting. But with so many firms to apply to, students rarely have the time.


Using our research dossier, you can write a winning application in less than half that time. It’s everything you need to impress your recruiter, in one easily understood document:


1) Firm Rankings
2) Unique Strengths
3) Notable Deals
4) Firm Culture and Training
5) Important Partners
6) Expansion Plans


We strive to make sure that our research dossiers actually work. To avoid the dilution effect that comes from mass distribution, we are only making 15 copies available for each law firm.


Order your exclusive research dossier today!