Introduction to Commercial Law

Quote of the Day:

“It happened on April 19, 1964.
It was bluebell time in Kent.”

Lord Denning in Hinz v Berry

Commercial Awareness – What Does That Even Mean?


In your quest for a TC, you’ll encounter concepts from finance as well as commercial law. If you do not come from a finance or economics background, chances are that these concepts will feel like murky phantasms with no substance.


We’re here to demystifying these concepts for you, in a way that students can understand. There is a wealth of literature out there expounding upon the intricacies of the financial world. On one end of the spectrum, venerable tomes like “Principles of Corporate Finance” promise great insight. If you get through all 969 pages that is. On the other end, casual business reports in the news challenge the limits of your imagination by making you fill in the blanks yourself.


Like many works of neither herculean nor miniscule proportions, we will aim for the sweet spot between the two extremes despite not knowing where that is. Probably between the ears of whoever came up with the vacuous phrase “commercial awareness”.

How We Help


No matter how many times you read Investopedia, the concepts just don’t stick. After a long time, you realise the problem. You can’t relate to any of the things said. In neuroscience lingo, this is described as the inability to establish strong neural connections.


TCportal provides a solution. Instead of abstract ideas like “project financing” or “time value of money”, we use illustrations with tangible characters that you can easily relate to them.

Focus Areas


We focus on four common transaction areas that top corporate law firms handle. IPOs, M&As, Bonds as well as Project Financing. For each, we break down the transaction timeline for you and give you an idea of the key players, as well as the lawyer’s role in the entire process.


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Oh and before we forget, there are obviously other types of transactions asides from the 4 that we focus on. To learn more about those, check out our free Resources section which has recommendations on various websites (like lawyer2B) that do a good job of explaining various commercial concepts.