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Quote of the Day:

“The customer pays his money and gets a ticket.
He cannot refuse it. He cannot get the money back.
He may protest to the machine, even swear at it.
But it will remain unmoved.”

Lord Denning in Thornton v Shoe Lane Parking

How Do You Know If Your Application Will Succeed?


So you’ve just sent off that first application form. Still no response after a month. That’s okay, move on. But do you know where you went wrong? Here are a few common mistakes students make:



Claims sound hollow when they are not supported with evidence. “I am really keen on…” is a classic example. If you’re so keen, prove it. Cite examples.



Appearances matter. Before the recruiters get to your content, they see a typo. And your application gets set aside. Trainees are expected to proofread important legal documents, so having a sharp eye is important.



Do a CTRL+F search and replace the firm name in your application with any other firm. Does your application still read smoothly? If so, then you may have a problem. Tailor your application to appeal to the intended recipient using concrete, firm-specific examples.

Solution: A Fresh Perspective


We’re here to help you impress your future firm. If you have a free career service centre at your university, by all means approach them first. They can spot typos and stylistic issues, which help with first impressions.


We on the other hand, can tell you about the quirks of the top tier firms. For example, one page cover letters are the norm but Slaughter and May prefers really short ones. Let us help you hit all the right notes in your application.


Here’s a sample of an application that has been reviewed by us.

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