About Us

Quote of the Day:

“Past events provide context … for the interpretation
of subsequent events and subsequent events throw
retrospective light upon the meaning of past events.
The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the
falling of the dusk.”

Lord Hoffmann in Thorner v Major

TC Portal – By students. For students.


There are many career websites out there which view students as easy targets. They offer generic advice and services, leaving the student unsure whether any of it works at all.  We know because we’ve come across some of them.


TCportal was designed specifically with the needs of law students in mind. We remember the uncertainty and frustration of waiting for replies from firms.


Our strategy eschews luck in favour of factors that are entirely within our control. Solid research is the way to game the system. By giving you crucial intel on your dream firm, you can immediately stand out from the crowd, both in your written application and at the interviews.


Remember, we’re always here for you and will give you all the assistance we can. You’re more than welcome to send us a note; we’d love to hear how your application or interview went.

A word to all students

To us, the process of applying for a job has always had a sense of artifice about it. You know what the employer is looking for, and try to show why you have those qualities. You’re meticulous, industrious. Gregarious at client parties. And so on. But that’s not the whole you, is it?


There’s more to your story. Perhaps you’re a pie-baking enthusiast. Or an accomplished hedge-trimmer. A secret fan of curling. The list goes on. In a job application, some attributes are played up. Others are played down. You tell a tale, which replaces the larger story of your life. But never forget.

You are more than the sum of your job applications.